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September 12th 2020

1 min read

Help us help those affected by the wildfires

By: David (RW Founder)


Dear RW Community,

It's been so sad to see wildfires devastating our region here in the Pacific Northwest. To see homes and communities destroyed and our ability to go outdoors limited by dirty air has really taken a toll on me. I want to continue to use Rainier Watch for good, much like our fundraiser for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors a few short months ago.

So starting now through Monday Sept 14th, I will be donating 100% of profits on anything purchased on the RW Shop to wildfire relief efforts.

Donations will be going to:

If you have other suggestions for organizations focused on wildfire relief, please leave them in the comments below.

Thanks and please stay safe out there!

-David, Founder

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By: David (RW Founder)