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January 7th 2020

3 min read

I climb mountains with the RW Adventure Gaiter and love it. Here's why:


By: Brayden

I am currently sitting in my dorm room 156 miles away from Mount Rainier, packing for my next mountain adventure which unfortunately will take me even further from our beloved mountain. Yet, Rainier is still on my mind. Having recently partnered with Rainier Watch I have had the opportunity to stay connected to my favorite mountain while I am away at college as well as rep it everywhere I go. As a mountain adventure athlete my favorite #RainierWatchGear item isn’t an epic sticker, or stylish hat (though I do love those!).. It is the RW Adventure Gaiter. This buff isn’t only epic, and stylish but it is also versatile. I love to bring it with me on every adventure, from cool morning runs to high mountain treks this gaiter does the trick. 

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Training can be tricky this time of year with the freezing east winds, and short days. It is hard to find balance between too warm, and not quite enough. The adventure gaiter seamlessly solves this problem. Wearing it as a mask or headband allows you to stay warm at the beginning of a workout, and then once you begin to work up a sweat it comes in handy again. It won’t weigh you down, it will keep you warm, and then it will wipe your sweat away. An essential piece of gear for every training routine.

Why train without having a mountain to climb (metaphorically or in my case, literally? When summiting a PNW volcano it is customary to have an alpine start (begin to climb between 12:00 and 2:00 am). This allows you to avoid the dangers created by melting ice as the sun comes up. However once the sun has risen you must shed layers. The RW adventure Gaiter is one layer that I refuse to shed. It is lightweight and breathable which allows for comfortability without being too cold or overheating, while providing protection from the wind and sun.

Once off the mountain I still refuse to shed it. The gaiter works perfectly with the mountainesque fashion of the PNW. It pops with color and allows me to show off my favorite mountain in style. 

If the mountain is out then you should be too. Don't forget to bring the proper gear along!

Brayden Evanger ( @bevanger_ )

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