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Your home for all things Mount Rainier!
The Rainier Watch mission

Build a community of people answering the most important question in the PNW: "Is The Mountain out?". And make quality gear inspired by mountains with a portion of every purchase donated to protecting the National Parks like MRNP

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What is Rainier Watch?

That's a great question, I'm glad you asked! At its core, its a mountain fan club.

And it has 3 main parts: online community of mountain lovers, a shop that supports our National Parks, and a website for reporting and answering "Is The Mountain out?".

Community focused

Build and promote a community centered on a shared love of Mount Rainier and those glorious times when “The Mountain Is Out”

Supporting the local economy

Prioritize manufacturing partnerships with other local, Pacific Northwest small businesses even when there are cheaper options elsewhere

Quality Goods

Focus on long lasting, quality goods and avoiding fast fashion

Protecting National Parks

Proudly donate 5% of all purchases to organizations like that support the National Parks like MRNP

Earth friendly

Ship in earth friendly packaging that is often 100% recycled and recycle-able with zero plastics and minimal waste

Reporting Website

A website with an interactive map where you can check and report if The Mountains is out:

100% worth it

This is hands down the most comfortable beanie I’ve ever owned. It’s incredibly soft and super warm. 100% worth it.


- Michael G

Better than...

Bought this a few months back & it was the best neck gaiter I’ve bought! The quick dry is actually quick dry in cold or hot weather! The UV has saved my neck multiple times & it’s thick enough to keep you warm in the winter! Wayyyyy better than Buff!


- Sarah


I LOVE THIS HAT!!! And I love the fact that so many more people are starting to realize what an amazing small business Rainier Watch really is! Keep rockin' out guys!!!


- Brendan C.

LOVE the Eco tee

Love, love, love The Mountain is Out Eco Tee. It is gorgeous, thin, perfect for East Coast weather but will be better when I move to the PNW!! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


- Katherine B

Stop scrolling & shop Rainier Watch!

I just found this store from their Twitter page & am so very glad I did. Mt. Rainier has been my inspiration for years and is a primary reason I am moving to the PNW. You partner with local companies, your eco shipping is phenomenal and I am proud to support our National Parks!! Thank you very much.


- Katherine B.

I want a sweatsuit of this

Seriously one of the coziest beanies I've ever worn. Super comfortable, looks great, and oh-so-warm! I just took it camping over a rather cold weekend, wore it basically the entire time, and my only complaint is that they don't sell a matching sweatsuit made from this stuff...

- David Z

Hottest selling items right now so you can rep the PNW!

Product Collections

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RW Field Notes


The latest RW news, giveaways, interesting stories, and other random nuggets; all about Mount Rainier and/or the PNW

Our gear is trusted and loved by fans from everywhere

Since launching the shop in 2018:

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Quality Apparel

Goods that will last a long time

Rainier Watch Gear isn't your average run of the mill apparel.

No way. One of my goals since the beginning has been to create apparel that will last through thick and thin and through many, many sessions in your dryer.

Take for example, my shirts. I never once grabbed shirts from the proverbial bottom shelf. I started off using shirts from Bella Canvas, which are world famous for being the most premium, sweatshop free, and the most comfortable. Lately I've started using shirts from Allmade which are made from recycled plastics, and manufactured ethically in Haiti where workers are paid a livable wage!

I will continue to stay committed to producing the highest quality apparel that help protect our National Parks. Increasing Rainier Watch's positive impact on the world is also very important to me as I've removed plastics from our processes and now have goods shpped in earth friendly shipping materials!

-David, Founder

The Rainier Watch Story

It all started in 2013, with just a single fateful tweet.

Read the full story

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