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June 4th 2020

2 min read

Black Lives Matter

By: David (RW Founder)


I am heartbroken at the continual injustices experienced by black communities and people of color. This systemic racism needs to end. We can do better, we must do better.

The Rainier Watch community is a place for everyone. And a place to support fellow humans through love and empathy. I am a white male who grew up in the middle class and I understand I cannot truly understand. But I recognize this is a platform and with it, I want to be inclusive, supportive, and safe for all.

In the short term, Iโ€™ve decided starting today through the end of June, 50% of Rainier Watch profits will be donated to the NAACP and Equal Justice Initiative. Beyond June, I want Rainier Watch to support and help underrepresented communities in the outdoors. Also, I will personally be taking time to read, think, and educate myself on how I can better battle racism and support the black community.

Be nice, do good, and letโ€™s fight injustice for the betterment of humanity.

-David Lindahl, Rainier Watch Founder

If you have ideas of how Rainier Watch can help support the underrepresented in the outdoors, comment below or email me.

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