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April 20th 2020

2 min read

Mount Rainier: Virtual Backgrounds Pack 01


By: David (RW Founder)


Take that video call from Mount Rainier!

Hey everyone!

Since the whole world seems to be living that video conferencing life these days, I though it would be rad to team up with some local photographers so y'all can show off Mount Rainier as a virtual background in those calls with your boss, grandparents, and/or family.

is the mountain out? in Zoom?

Big shout out to the following photographers for sharing their images for everyone to use. Please go follow them on social media, check their websites, and buy prints from them if they are offering!

Feel free to download the below images and set them as your virtual background! (Here's the directions for Teams and Zoom)

You can download a zip file of all the images by clicking the below link. (The file size total is 11MB so ye be warned if you have slow interwebs)


Or save individual photos below by right clicking (or long pressing on mobile) and selecting the save image option. You can also click or tap on each image to view it bigily in your browser.

Out of the Woods photography:

**Eric Ramire**z:

Chris Crocco:

Matthew Ingram:

Nate Mangold

It would be awesome to see who is using them - tag @mtrainierwatch on social media if you use one or all of them!

Should we release more virtual background packs like this in the future?

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