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February 7th 2020

5 min read

Rainier Watch Hits Up Tacoma for the Night Market!


By: David (RW Founder)


A little over a week ago, Team Rainier Watch* was at the Tacoma Night Market for RW's first ever Pop Up Shop in the Tacoma area! 🎉 (*aka myself, my super awesome wife, and supportive brother).

Yes, in case you missed the few dozen shameless plugs on our social medias and the email newsletter (which you better be signed up for), last weekend we boxed up RW HQ, stuck it in the back of my automobile, and headed down to Tacoma for the Tacoma Night Market! It was my first time doing a RW Pop Up in Tacoma and spoiler alert: It was awesome!

packing up all of rw hq into my car

quick stop for grub at msm deli

We headed down south a little before noon even though we were aiming to unpack at 3PM at the market so we could get lunch down there and run errands. The first errand involved a quick stop at Target for some spice racks professional sticker displays and letter boards to help up our pop up game from super newbs to 'hey we kinda know what we are doing.' Okay real talk - how good do those professional sticker stands look?! 10/10 I'd say.

As per a pro tip from a friend we stopped at MSM Deli. And we were delighted to find quite tasty food at great prices. Their deli sandwiches were met with approval by all! I love checking out local hole in wall food places so for next time: Help us fill our bellies with tastiness for next time- What other awesome Tacoma food establishments should we visit? Comment below! 👇

Up next was the Foss Harbor Marina to check in on the RW Yacht. 🛥️

Yacht Psych! So actually I had been talking with Lauren and Mel from the Harbors about stocking some #RainierWatchGear. So I had to have them feel the super soft shirts in person because nobody can resist the power of a super soft RW shirt! 😆 When we got there, we were in for a BIG surprise...

10 points if you can see my brother risking his life to snap a pic

... The Mountain was out for the first time all day! We could see the base of Rainier earlier in the day when we were driving on everyone's favorite highway that's never in construction (I-5) but we got a full view of her from the Marina. And even though I've seen thousands of photos of Rainier from Tacoma (keeping tagging #RainierWatch on IG y'all), seriously she blew me away. Never. Gets. Old. (That should be a sticker or something right? 🤔😉)

And here's a little teaser, Foss Harbor Marina is ordering some stickers and shirts so definitely swing by the Marina for epic views of Rainier and some #RainierWatchGear! And you can always use this page on our website to see what local retailers carry our products.

On to the final hurrah, the big occasion, and the entire reason we drove south from the tree laden lands of Woodinville: The Tacoma Night Market at the Museum of Glass! Drum roll por favor...

I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty of the event (it may have involved LED string lights, s'mores funnel cakes, and tons o fun) besides to say it was super rad! We set up our less-than professional-booth while scribbling notes about how others set up their booths and prepared for the masses to come! And come they did! Also big golf clap to Brayden, a RW Ambassador, who drove up all the way from Portland to say hi and help us out at the booth.

All in all, RW had its best single day sales record which means y'all are the best. The fourth (technically third and half?) RW Pop Up Shop was a success!

Also, just for fun, here's the top selling items from the market!

And most importantly a high volume of sales meant lots of support is going to Washington's National Parks Fund to help preserve our wonderful National Parks in this great state. ❤️ 🌎

Special pat on the back to everyone who helped put together the Tacoma Night Market, all the other awesome vendors there, and all the wonderful Tacoma folks we met. Tacoma, you da best and *breaking news* I just heard we were approved for the next Night Market at the Museum of Glass on February 22nd! Here's the official Facebook Event with full details, hope to see you there!

Enough words, here's mawwwr photos:

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