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November 17th 2019

2 min read

Yesterday's RW Pop Up Shop at Alair!


By: David (RW Founder)


Hey everyone! I'm challenging myself to blog more so here goes nothing! You probably are wondering - who the heck are you? Well my name is David and I created Rainier Watch many years ago as a way for people to know when The Mountain is out. The lovefest has been awesome and about a 1.5 years ago it has expanded to some awesome shirts, hats, beanies and stickers that I've mostly designed along with some help from friends and other designers.

Anyways, I digress.. Yesterday I hosted a little pop up shop at Alair in West Seattle and it was a blast!

Huge shout out to Shandon, the owner of Alair. Alair is a super cool gift shop that will seriously send you gut laughing endlessly if you dare peruse her vast collection on unique cards and other gifts. Go check her out!

Here's a tiny sample of the hilarious things at Alair:

Also I'm super excited to say she will be stocking some #RainierWatchGear in her shop. So if you are in the neighborhood, definitely go check out the super soft Rainier Watch tees, epic hats and sweet stickers there at Alair.

Thanks again to Shandon for hosting a RW Pop Up!! If anyone wants to see a future RW Pop Up at their favorite local shop, leave a comment below! And join the RW newsletter (its spam-free) if you want to know about future pop ups.

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