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May 2nd 2019

2 min read

Rainier Watch visits Casual Industrees!


By: David (RW Founder)


So as many of you know, the Rainier Watch shop currently prints products on demand via our printing and shipping partner. We do this because rent is fairly high in Seattle and we don't yet have a warehouse of goods waiting to land in your hands. But we are hatching some plans...

Those plans have included the desired to team up with a local print shop to make our Rainier-inspired apparel come to life.. And that's where Casual Industrees comes into play! They are an awesome local apparel brand that started a few decades ago in the founder's car and later basement. Now their HQ is in the Old Rainier Brewery.. Once we heard that, we had to go visit!

So after reaching out, they welcomed us to come and visit! So recently we had the pleasure of touring the facility and seeing where they hand print their shirts. It's a really cool spot and they often open during the week (M-F 11:00am-6:00pm); so go check them out for some awesome local apparel and complimentary Rainier beer! Also give them a follow on Instagram for their latest apparel drops

Here's some photos from our adventure! We hope to strike up a partnership, so stay tuned via our newsletter for more on that!


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