Future Plans for RW

Rainier Watch

We have many plans in motion and under development for the RW community. This year will be an exciting time. Along with new apparel designs and more giveaways, here are some of the ideas we are working on:



We are working on an open source API that anyone will be able to use to tell if The Mountain is out. We would like people to visit a website or text a number and have it respond automatically “yes” or “no” if The Mountain is out. It will use a Raspberry Pi and machine learning to help predict this.


Artist Gallery

We hope to feature local artist who have awesome Mount Rainier artwork. It could be painting, watercolors, or other fun Mountain art! This will be a way for local artists to gain visibility to the RW community.


Photography Gallery

We hope to feature Mount Rainier photographs from the talented photographers in the area!


How do they sound? Leave comments below!

1 thought on “Future Plans for RW

  1. Great ideas! I like the idea of an artist and photography gallery. That’s a great way for local artists to get some exposure.

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