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Elevation 14,411 Badge Sticker

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Protects our National Parks
Part of your purchase is donated to WA's National Parks Fund

Some say Rainier is 14,410 in elevation, while others say 14,411.. We tend to give her the benefit of the doubt, and thus the 14,411 sticker was born.

Designed in house at Rainier Watch here in the PNW, these awesome Mount Rainier badge stickers feature a sweet new matte finish that is soft and muted to reduce sticker glare!

  • Produced locally in the PNW by one of our partners,
  • Stickers are made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects from scratching, rain and sunlight.
  • All weather: They are made to last against all the PNW elements.

Why You'll Love It

Protecting our parks

A portion of every single sale is donated to supporting our National Parks via Washington’s National Parks Fund and other non profits.

Shipped earth friendly

Your orders are shipped in earth friendly packaging that's either upcycled or recycled and is recyclable or compostable. Our shipments are shipped with less carbon footprints than Amazon Prime.

Powering the local economy

We prioritize partnerships with other local PNW small businesses to help our local economy and help support jobs and economics near home.

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