RW has moved to more sustainable and earthy friendly packaging!

I’ve been transitioning away from single use materials and plastics to more earth friendly materials for orders from the RW Shop. 🌎🌎

I’m happy that almost all orders as of a few weeks ago use sustainable and earth friendly materials from Eco Enclose. No more virgin materials and plastics wherever I can avoid it!

Here’s what I’m now using:

Recyclable Boxes – made from 100% recycled materials (95% post consumer content) that can be recycled and are biodegrade. Manufactured in the USA.

Water activated tape – Features a renewable, reliable, and biodegradable plant-derived adhesive and backing. (This was really funky the first few times I used it but it’s great!)

Zero waste shipping labels – 100% post-consumer content paper and feature a release liner that is 100% recycled AND curbside recyclable!

100% recycled note cards – constructed entirely from recovered trash, printed with eco-friendly water based inks and fully recyclable. Naturally biodegradable and compostable.

And much of the packaging has a second label so it can be reused. Please reuse and then as a last resort recycle anything you get from RW in the mail. I often reuse boxes and packaging that I get from personal mail because boxes and box stuffing should be reused many times before being recycled!

Thanks everyone for your support of RW and helping us make a different in the world. One small recycled, water taped, biodegradable box with water based inks at a time!

David, RW Founder

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